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At this point they had no idea how many of us were left. We stood in a corridor with walls that slid back and forth. The light showed bright as we entered but now as each wall slid closed, the darkness ran in. The closed at different speeds but we were trapped in the darkness, hearing the sounds of the doors slam shut as a bone crushing speed and strength.

They all heard someone step forward and they heard the bone crushing sound tear through their skin and hearts. They’re throats went dry and they felt sick like they had tiny rabbits biting each other to death inside them.

Jack's face was covered of blood, not his of course but he was standing inches from the door that just erupted a person onto him.

The light danced open, only teasing. It felt bright like the desert sun with its heat pulsating through the gaps and then it vanished at strange intervals. It was barely enough to judge the door in front of them.

Through the brief stream of intense light, they caught the shadow of one man, Steve. His shadow was menacing, reaching the length of the door behind them, until he was out of the hallway. It didn't matter if the doors opened with enough light, he would block more and more as he pushed through the hallway. The idea of the floors burning made they move through the darkness any. Jack and Marina stayed close together helping each other throughout the doors. Ahead, pushing forward, taking more risk than the others, Mendy used what limited light she had to wait for the right moment and slip through the next door.

Jack pushed Marina and she fell forward onto the ground as the door slammed behind her. Sealing them into different rooms. He had saved her life and almost lost his hand in the process. Then the light poured in, Mendy was out and they weren't far behind. He helped Marina up and they pushed forward but the light became blinding. They covered their eyes, holding onto each other watching the doors close in the white haze.

"We're almost there," Marina said as Jack froze. "I can't move. My shoes stuck in the door."

Jack’s heel had been pushed into the threshold behind them. His shoe was stuffed into the crack and his heel was scrapped. A tiny drop trickled into his sock. "I'm fine," he said and the door opened. They both stared back at the figures behind them. Their numbers had dwindled. They turned back around and hopped though two last doors until they entered a room, so bright, their head hurt and Jack's nose began to bleed.

An arm, Mendy's, pulled them away into another hallway. "What is that?"

"Just stone. The stone's provide all the light here, some more than others."

They waited for the others to stumble blindly through the light that felt as bright and as hot as a tiny Sun.

First, Lexy stumbled in, her brown eyes in tears. She was followed by Brandi, Park, Elizabeth, Gloria, Connie, Tegan, Kaitlyn, Simone and Breenan.


"Robert Pinske, please tell us what you know about the monolith."

"Well the monolith stands as the largest object in the world. We've measured it twice and surprisingly the number changes. We do know that there is no outside connection of any kind leading into the building. No power, no heat or air. It's just a huge fortress with rocks on both sides."

"What about underneath?"

"We have tried multiple times to drill around the rocks but have been unsuccessful both times. We've also tried digging around them, digging hundreds of feet away and it seems these large rocks go down for miles."

"What else can you tell us? Any tips for our entrants?"

"The Monolith isn't a game. It's something more. It calls to you. We didn't pick these people, "The Monolith" did. I just so happened to keep things organized. If there was any tip I could give our contestants, it would be to not do it. Stay away!"

"Thank you Mr. Robert Pinske. It's a pleasure to have this exclusive interview."
This is the only time a person dies and his name isn't mentioned. His name was Martin and he really is barely talked about in this version of the story.

Three dead. How fun!

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EmperorKarino Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i'd guess that the monolith is alien technology or something.
LVeraWrites Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Nice guess. :D
EmperorKarino Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you, so that means i am right?
LVeraWrites Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
maybe. :D Actually you're kinda on the right path. :)
EmperorKarino Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i like the sound of that.
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