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Jack woke with everyone running around like caged lizards. Colors filled his eyes as he saw the plastic tubes running up and around the gigantic room. "Good you're up." The voice was unfamiliar but as he focused he realized it was Tegan.

"What's going on?"

"Accessing the room. No traps or dangers, so now it's time to get ready. Are you up to it?" She said all this without even looking at Jack's face.

"It's like a giant hamster city."

"Yeah. Crazy right?" He laughed almost proud to see what lied in front of their eyes. "A giant hamster city. I call it Hamstertopia."

She finally turned, removing herself from the dazed induced by the room and helped Jack up. "Come on, the entrance is over here." Four tubes, different colors like their bands on their wrist lined the center of the room.

"Everyone ready?" Tegan said back in a daze.

They lined up in front of each tube. George and Steve in the blue line, near the end. Jack and Mendy in the red. Two more lines stood behind the yellow and green entrances. Marina stood in the front of the yellow. Mendy stepped in first. The others waited. "Well?" George yelled from the back of the line. Snickers erupted and it eased the others to enter, until Jack stepped in.

The pain was like electricity running up his arm, down his feet then back up. He released his grip and fell backwards. Already a third of the group had entered.

"What's wrong?" Tegan said to Jack.

Tegan looked at Jack's wrist. His bracelet was missing. Steve walked by, while the group was staring at the group that helped Jack up to his feet. That's when Jack saw it. Two bracelets hung on his wrist.  

Steve hurried through the tunnels and quickly stopped when he ran into a red tunnel. He looked at his bracelets, seeing both colors gleaming at him. One blue, the other red; Jack's red bracelet.

Others filled in the tubes trying to chase the boy down.

"Go!" Jack yelled. "Just go!"

George stayed with Jack as the others entered the tubes.

Steve's hand touched a yellow tunnel as he crossed through the maze and zapped his arm hard enough to make him punch the plastic interior. Behind him Mendy grabbed his foot.

"Let me . . . go!" and he kicked her off and disappeared down a blue tunnel.

She pushed forward down her own red tunnel, there was only one place she knew she would catch him, at the end.

The others couldn't keep up. The tunnels twisted climbing high and fast at some points and at others were a slippery slide. They were given many options throughout the room, sometimes up to four different directions. Then in the center of the room, in front of Steve's eyes, was a gold circle in a multi colored room.

Everything shuffled in his face. His teeth pushed against his cheek and his nose somehow hugged the fist that forced itself into his face.

"Mendy . . . is it?" Steve said with blood dripping off his chin. His hand held his face as if it was broken.

The boy stood there in the room big enough to be a kid’s tree house, staring at the girl that looked ravenous like a hungry wolf, and they lunged for each other, wrestling on the ground.

Have you ever put super cold ice cubes in a warm drink? They crack. They crack like rocks being smacked together and, somehow, the room cracked.

"What was that?" Jack asked down below.

George responded, "The walls."

"Jack, here," and with that George slipped his blue bracelet around Jack's hand.

"George, just go. Leave me."

"No," George looked up at the structure that began to compress as the walls shifted into the room. He seemed emotionless, like a kid not knowing what was going on - dazed. The walls began to crush the structure.

George turned and walked Jack to the blue tunnel. "I'm too tired. My arms still hurt. I'm worthless and will only slow you and everyone else down. You . . ." and a tear fell from Jack's eye, "have a better chance. Go my friend."

Sometimes life gives you the shitty end of the stick. Sometimes he gives it to your friends. And sometimes a friend takes that stick and says, "Go."

George walked away and sat in the center of the floor and smiled. Jack crawled, his heart beating fast and his emotions slowly edging closer. If he wasn't scared about the crushing walls, he would have stopped and died in one the tubes as his emotions shut him down.

More people entered the last chamber but they only found a girl with a large gash on her stomach. They carried her up into the next room and the team she had assembled, helped wrapped her wounds the best they could to stop the bleeding. Jack finally reached the last chamber as it began to crack around him, on the floor was a shard of plastic that held Mendy's blood but beyond that through a large crack on the floor he could see George, far below. He was calm as shards of plastic fell around him. Arms reached out and pulled him up into the next room, but he wanted to see George. He wanted to see him okay for as long as possibly could, but he knew that he would die and that destroyed him. His body shook as he tumbled on his side. His eyes burned, his stomach ached and something changed him.


"George! A quick interview."


"They say you have the best chance of getting through the monolith. They say you are the strongest one here. What do you say about that?"

"Well, I think it's going to be about team work. I think more than one of us will make it through and it's because we get along great."

Steve jumped out from behind and rubbed his knuckles on George’s head and George ran after him as he speed back towards the others.

"George Samwell, folks. My personal favorite to get through the monolith alive."
I apologize for being late. But I had to fix some issues with the story. But here it is chapter ten.

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