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Darkness is a funny thing. If a bird plucked out your eyes, you'd be just as blind. If you died, perhaps you wouldn't know. Darkness wasn't a friend to the group and the first person to yell made everyone's heart skip.

There was crying. There was heartache but worst of all their was that yell.

"Who was it?" a woman said.

"Who said that?" a male voice asked.

"Where's that bastard? They all knew that quivering voice. It was once the sound of someone who knew what he was doing, a leader, now it sounded like an angry teenager who didn't get what he wanted. He just wanted everyone to live. He wanted George to live, to breathe.

"It's Breenan and I think we should do a roll call."

"Steve! I'm going to . . ."

"That's Jack. I'm Mendy."

The roll call continued until two names were missing, Steve and Raven.



They yelled, calling out for the two missing people until another scream filled the air. "Who was that?"

Complete silence filled the chamber.

Jack felt an arm wrap under his and a lone whisper, "I'm scared."

He knew the voice came from Marina, he could smell her and feel her presence. "Me too," he answered.

Then like a cry from a man who may have made the biggest mistake in his life, "Shit! There's a hole here."


"I'm on it. Everyone get down on your hands and knees. Feel the floor."

Many had already felt the cold floor, but a hole. That didn't make sense. Underneath them, or so it had seem, was a room filled with light, crushed tubes and George. Now, somehow, there was enough space for a hole large enough to swallow a person up and leave them screaming and not just screaming, but yelling to their death for what seems like miles.

"I don't get it." The confusion had trickled to the others in the room.

"We just need to find a way out." Again, Jack took charge of the group, but left the details to Mendy, which for a moment he felt her brush next to him. She felt the tap of her fingers touching his and then she scuttled away like tantalizing spider legs.

"Jack?" Mendy's team was accessing the situation while the others relaxed, ready to tackle on the puzzle that lay before them. Marina was holding onto Jack, calling him. "What if we die?"

Jack touch her arm, he felt the bumps that stretched over every part of her body. "We won't die." Then like some kind of sadistic freak was listening Marina fell. Jack's stomach jumped, lifting him a bit off the ground until his chest smacked the ground. He held onto Marina, with both hands.

"Door. There's a door out of here." Then the stampede started, without thinking two more dropped into a hole. Then it was hard to keep track of the screaming as they fell into nothingness. Jack began to lose his grip and the pain that entered his elbow had grown to a new level. He would have to let her go and with one deep breath he refused. "I'm not letting go."

"Then let me help." The voice was awfully familiar, but Jack couldn't process anything that was going on clearly. He just held on until her weight became lighter and someone else was pulling her up. "Follow me, just make sure you feel the floor before you put your weight on it. And whatever you do, don't you pull me in if the floor opens up."

They walked like spiders, listening and feeling there way towards the door. Jack felt a piece of the floor give away behind him, just seconds after his left foot touched it. "Watch your left," he yelled to Marina. He heard her grunting and breathing behind him. "Okay."

Then there were hands. They welcomed them to the end of the room. When they had stepped across the threshold the door closed behind them. "Were we the last ones?"

"Yeah, if you don't count the dead one," Raven said. He seemed ruthless, like a child who didn’t care.

"Shut up. You just shut your face," Simone said.

The fighting became intense and the crying that followed was also pretty heart wrenching, but we didn't realize that this hallway became the next room and as they bickered the room didn't wait.

Light pushed into the hallway and their eyes felt burnt as the door only ten feet from them opened revealing hundreds of archways. They walked through the first archway, leaving the two that bickered. Jack could see that it was the one who called himself Raven and a girl named Simone. They stayed back letting their emotions get the best of them and then a door at the end of the tunnel closed and all the light disappeared.

"THOOOM!" The door closed behind them and along with the other doors. The worst part was the darkness.


“William, Nina and Sarah, get close for a picture.”

“How’s that?” Sarah’s blonde hair covered her face.

“Could you fix your hair?”

William smiled and rubbed her head with his hand. Her face grew red with anger. He pushed away slowly backing up as she steamed like a big red tomato with a chimney and they bolted, chasing each other around the large tent.

“Well then. Nina?”


“It’s just you. Mind if I get some photos?”

She smiled and rotated back and forth in her small skinny frame.

“You know, I’m jealous. I was I could go in there.”

“No you don’t, her smile faded but he kept snatches photos.

“Why’s that?”

“Because . . . we aren’t coming back.”

The photographer smiled and took two quick shots. “I think you’ll get out.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

“Paul is it? I see your press badge,” her shyness grew. “Can I tell you a secret?”


“My one wish . . . would be . . . “

“Woah! Come on Sarah. We are about to start,” the man’s name was Robert Pinske. A tall circus like man with evil etched on his face. His presence demanded attention and the fact that he had surprised both Paul and Sarah was strange, almost unnatural. The show can’t start without you. He turned looked at Paul in his eyes and said, “Are you ready?”

“Are you ready for the grandest test that god himself sent us?”
Three dead. How fun!

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mendystar1 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
'after his left food touched'
- 'left foot' 
'with the others doors.
LVeraWrites Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
Thanks. Like always. :D I'm trying to get more up but ive been so swamped, its crazy.

EmperorKarino Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
damn, the room with the floor holes part was a bit scary. don't want to fall through the floor.
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